Brookfield Engineering

Milk (Whole and Skim)

Laboratory Viscometer Application Data Sheet


Milk is consumed as a beverage and used as an ingredient in various food products.

Test Equipment:

  • Spring Torque Range: LV
  • Spindle: ULA
  • Accessories: Enhanced UL Adapter*, TC-502P Programmable Refrigerated Bath
  • Speed, rpm: 40, 60 and 80 rpm

The Enhanced UL Adapter™ may be used with various Brookfield Viscometers or Rheometers. In our example, we used a Brookfield LVDV-II+PRO, with Rheocalc™ v3.0 software for automated instrument control and data acquisition. Our test temperatures of 4°C and 21°C were maintained by connecting the Enhanced UL Adapter™ water jacket to the TC-502P Programmable Refrigerated Bath. Representative data from the analyses are shown in Figure 1, below:

The Figure 1 graph shows relatively constant viscosities at 4°C and 21°C, for each type of milk, over the speed range tested. The whole milk viscosity is higher than the skim milk viscosity at each temperature. Viscosities for each type of milk are higher at the lower temperature, 4°C, than at 21°C. Temperature may greatly affect the viscosities of many different materials; increasing temperature typically decreases the viscosity of a given substance.