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Paper and Paperboard Coatings

Process Viscometer Application Data Sheet


Brookfield's TT-100® in-line viscometers are ideal solutions for monitoring and controlling coating viscosities in the production of a wide variety of paper and paperboard products such as office and computer paper, commercial tube and roll products, cardboard boxes and containers. All paper, pulp and cardboard products, including those converted to envelopes and writing paper, require a uniform coating - a critical process parameter that Brookfield's TT-100® viscometers help to maintain.

Papers used in printing from bonds and bristols to coated stock and stiffer products like food containers all require unique and specific coating viscosities to achieve their optimum qualities. More than 90 percent of products such as greeting cards, stamps, lottery tickets, paper bags, food containers, advertising inserts and packaging for medicines and household products are enhanced prior to their final use by coating or printing.

Problem Description

Today's modern paper and paperboard finishing processes are high-speed operations requiring consistent and reliable viscosity measurement to assure coating uniformity and quality. When producing a wide variety of products, manufacturers need to closely monitor and control the fluid viscosities of paper coatings to optimally assure uniform application, thus avoiding defects like streaks and skips. Providing this uniformity - especially in 24-hour per day, three-shift operations - requires constant monitoring of continuous process runs with automatic controls. The old method of taking hand grab samples took too much time and ruined paper which, though it can be recycled, was a costly loss for producers.


Brookfield TT-100® viscometers are ideal solutions for paper coating operations because they can operate under virtually any condition and have proven their ruggedness over many years of uninterrupted use. The Brookfield TT-100® in-line process viscometer provides reliable, instantaneous measurement and long service life.

In the production of paper and paperboard, viscosity measurement and control improves runnability - meaning that press speeds can increase, thereby allowing more productivity at a reduced cost. The proper production viscosity can also eliminate coating flow instabilities which cause streaks and skids. By constantly tracking viscosities, paper coating operations will produce larger volumes of paper products which satisfy today's stringent coating demands.

In addition, the correct range of viscosity also assures that the in-line system stays free of plug-ups from thicker process material. Keeping a constant monitor of the viscosity in-line also saves time by lengthening the time between “stop and clean”.

Qualifying Your Application

Ask the following questions:

  • Do you still take laboratory or benchtop grab samples to ensure quality control?
  • Do you have high rejection rates due to defects like streaks and skids?
  • Does your facility run long continuous production?


  • Provides uniform coating of paper and board surfaces
  • Controls common defects like streaking and skidding thus eliminating product rejections
  • Assures higher press speeds thus producing more paper in less time and saving production costs
  • Reduces paper and paperboard product rejects
  • Reduces operating costs through savings in time and labor
  • Gives an extremely quick payback, particularly when installed in large continuous operating systems

Return on Investment

The use of Brookfield's TT-100® viscometer typically provides a payback of instrument cost and installation in six months to a year.