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Process Viscometer Application Data Sheet


The Brookfield STT-100® in-line process viscometer helps ensure the proper viscosity for tomato processing operations. The STT-100® is designed for use in tomato processing plants where continuous, accurate and real-time measurements are necessary to reduce batch failures and ensure superior product consistency for purees, sauces and juices. It replaces older manual methods and provides processors with a more reliable and continuous measurement.

Tomato processing plants, both primary and secondary, for production of ketchup and sauces are potential candidates. This includes small to large sized facilities which are typically located in agricultural regions.

Problem Description

For years, tomato processors have relied on a traditional manual process using an inclined Bostwick ramp for determining the viscosity of tomato products. However, the traditional Bostwick method lacks scientific accuracy and repeatability, and it cannot be automated for on-line use.

Today's modern processing and shipping requirements demand that processors employ the most sensitive on-line viscosity measurement available to ensure automatic and ongoing measurement. The repeatability of such measurements for the processing of a variety of tomato product grades is of utmost importance in maximizing product yield and meeting the exacting standards of the food processing industry. Facilities managers at tomato processing plants need reliable viscosity measurement when cooking, concentrating, and blending their products.


The Brookfield STT-100® in-line process viscometer provides continuous, accurate monitoring and control of tomato products in processing plants. This maximizes the production of purees, juices, sauces and other products, while simultaneously minimizing production loss. The state-of-the-art inline measurement capabilities of the STT-100® surpass the typical manual and periodic tests used for decades in tomato processing plants. In-line process viscometer measurement provides processors with an entirely new approach to the heretofore inexact art of ensuring product consistency.

The Brookfield STT-100® inline process viscometer:

  • Rapidly senses changes in tomato viscosity to ensure that each product meets specification
  • Accurately and continuously monitors and/or controls tomato sauces, juices, and purees, whether blending, cooking or homogenizing
  • Correlates well across batches and with specifications established in R&D because of its ability to measure at selectable defined shear conditions

Qualifying Your Application

  • Do you process tomatoes into a variety of juices, sauces, and purees?
  • Do you wish to have a continuous, on-line viscosity / consistency measurement?

If yes, you can benefit from installing the STT-100® in-line process viscometer. Best time to install is during the off-season in the winter or early spring


  • Saves labor by eliminating the need for manual, discontinuous sampling
  • Reduces “product giveaway” due to over concentrating batches
  • Ensures consistency of product with real-time measurement
  • Reduces downtime and wasted product due to spoiled batches
  • Detects and corrects viscosity variations instantly
  • Prevents lost batches due to overprocessing
  • Eliminates time-consuming manual measurements
  • Helps cooking, concentration, and blending operations run more smoothly
  • Eliminates operator error
  • Handles various grades of feed stock
  • Offers real-time accuracy in-line regardless of changes in temperature, pressure or flow
  • Compatible with normal CIP procedures, cleans like a piece of pipe

Viscometer Specifications

  • Viscosity Range: As required
  • Temperature Range: -40°C to 300°F
  • Pressure Range: maximum of 200 psi
  • Repeatability: ± 0.5% of span
  • Flow Rate: 0-20 gpm and higher
  • Electrical Code: NEMA 4 (water tight and dust tight for indoor/outdoor use)
  • Sanitary Code: CIP capable, other approvals pending
  • Power Requirement: 115 or 230 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz, or 24VDC
  • Material of Construction: #316 stainless steel

Return On Investment

The use of Brookfield's STT-100® in-line viscometers for tomato processing plants reduces downtime, operator error and ensures customer satisfaction by delivering a consistent product. Payback on capital investment may be realized within one year.

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